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Welcome to our new blog.

Welcome to the new and improved Capital Medical Corporation website! We will be posting to this blog weekly and are committed to using this platform to share interesting and important information not only about the Home Medical Equipment industry, but also about general health and well-being. We are about much more than equipment sales at Capital Medical Corporation; we are focused in on increasing the quality of life for all.

Recent technological advancements have given health care providers and patients the ability to interact digitally via online ordering and electronic referrals, and we felt the need to upgrade our digital platform to give our clients the highest level of service. Capital Medical Corporation’s ultimate goal is always to provide a “white glove” level of service to our patients and clients in the medical field. With this goal in mind, we have created this website to provide easy and direct pathways to critical information about the products and services we provide. For example, check out our new interactive product pages with images and in-depth specs on all of our equipment, and in some cases, even video demonstrations of the products you can purchase. Our focus is to continue to consistently develop this site as we establish a strong foothold in the world of online patient tools.

More than ever, medical professionals are turning to user-focused, or user-friendly, technologies. The use of electronic record keeping technology in the world of health services has exploded in recent years. Electronic record systems and patient portals that provide online access to appointments and test results are all now commonplace within the industry. All of these “smart tools” allow patients to be actively involved in their care, and ultimately make it easier for health care providers to improve the health of the individual. Physicians and hospitals – and even HME providers like us – are making this change because of patient interest in electronic transactions and the time saved for both parties by such automated processes. This is something the entire medical community is doing to facilitate patient experience and health outcomes, and we are ecstatic to be a part of this transformation!

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