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apital Medical Corporation is looking for qualified sales professionals in the State of Florida. We have been in the HME business since 1990. Our sales staff are compensated generously based on collections and the cost of products. The products we focus on are sales of prefabricated orthotics, Ctrac (Carpal Tunnel device), Vacuum Erection Devices, catheters, iceless cold therapy and pelvic floor stimulators.

Medicare requires that outside sales agents compensated on a commission-only basis be classified as an employee and not an independent contractor. The OIG states that paying a commission to an independent contractor is a violation of the federal anti-kickback laws. We are looking for experienced salespeople with established accounts. We are an accredited HME provider and even though we don’t provide respiratory and complex rehab products, we can look at all other products to make sure we are in compliance with our accreditation and to determine if it makes financial sense to enter that market.

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