Carpal Tunnel Relief

CTRAC helps 75% of users avoid surgery

If you are struggling with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain, C-TRAC is for you. C-TRAC is the only product that produces significant results for patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. C-TRAC is a device that is successful in providing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome relief and reversing the effects of Carpal Tunnel.

C-TRAC is a pneumatic and dynamic hand traction device designed to increase the area of the carpal tunnel through a progressive stretching program. When the device is on the hand and the air bladder is inflated, a ‘three-point’ action force is exerted on the hand and wrist. This provides a stretching force, along the transverse carpal ligament. X-rays taken with and without the C-TRAC in place showed an increase in the distance between the trapezium and the hook of hamate and between the scaphoid and pisiform bones up to 3 mm [62].

No NSAIDs, splints or injections were used while patients used the C-TRAC device. At the 4-week follow-up, there were no reported side effects or complications in all patients. Results demonstrate a reduction in symptoms at both 4 and 7 months of follow-up. At the 7-month follow-up, eight of the 18 patients had no symptom recurrence, and ten had minor symptom recurrence. A total of 12 of the 18 patients reported the need to use the device an average of once every two months to manage the symptoms.

For just five minutes a day, three times a day, for four to six weeks, you can find freedom from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without invasive surgery.

No prescription is required to obtain the C-TRAC hand unit, so call us today to start your new treatment!

The C TRAC hand-traction unit, as classified by the FDA, provides a controlled amount of stretching force to the carpal … Read More